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Current Projects


Commissioned to remove old paint work off building. Using Thermatach technology we cleaned and restored the building back to its original stone.


St Pierre Marriott Hotel

The chimney which had become approximately 100mm out of upright in 4 metres and also very unsteady due to iron cramps swelling inside the joints.

The chimney was taken down by 14 courses and rebuilt using 75% new stone in the ashlar coursing and 100% from the plinth to the top.

Beer Mausoleum Highgate Cemetery

Raking out loose and open roof joints using an oscillating grinder due to the thinness of the joints. Internal conservation of the occulus and rib stones and removal of algae stains. Replacement of one of the perspex windows to perspex louvres to allow additional ventilation in the top of the mausoleum.

Egyptian Avenue and Outer Circle Highgate Cemetery

Refixing of cementious stucco by pinning,grouting and sticking with a P.F.A and hydraulic lime mix. Filling of cracks and fissures and replacement of lost stucco panels. On two of the catacomb doorways new phosphorous bronze threshold strips were introduced to stop water ingress in heavy rain.


Oxwick Farm

General Repairs to the external fabric including brick replacement,stone rebuild,window replacement and pointing.

Internally Plastering and timber repairs.


Kensington Roof Gardens
Cleaning of the Tudor walkway Arches

The arches made up of a sand and cement based mortar cast in sections to make up jamb and head pieces,with some decorative mouldings and finishes made pproximately 75 years ago.

The cleaning process started with steam cleaning using the Thermatech machine to get rid of surface deposits and to soften up sulphation and barbeque smoke residue, heavy depositing was then rubbed back and opened up to allow a 10% ammonia poultice to be applied . After leaving this on for an evening the poultice was then removed and the residue washed away using the Thermatech and scrubbed down using lamb chop stainless steel brushes and then a final washdown.

Any stubborn areas of dirt that were not removed in the first stages, a second poultice was applied and the cleaning process was repeated.